Come and take a swim part 1 (introduction)


And welcome to this new blog called Angry Fish Rants. “Ok that sounds kind of cute…” you might think to yourself “…what’s the catch?”.

It’s about Christianity. *ducks for cover* Ok settle down, settle down,… it’s going to be rants about church culture “aaah, now we’re talking” that’s what I thought.

Allow me to sort of introduce myself and give a little background for this blog. I’m a west european man, raised in a what is considered a normal family for our culture and I had a pretty average youth. Yes I too pulled pranks at school, tried to peek down the girls their blouses and thought matthematics was about as boring and useles as listening to a catholic preaching on tv sunday morning (seriously who watches those things?). I grew up on the country side, going to a small school where a short prayer right before lunch was about as spiritual as a day would get…and at the same time, again, about as boring and useless as it could get to me. I was that kid in the back making faces while everybody else had their heads bowed down. Heck I even remember doing that while they were praying for my grandmother who just passed away…yeah schoolprayer didn’t really strike me as important…at all.

The only times I went to church was on christmass and easter which was a school activity. We didn’t do confesionals or anything it was more a time for reflection I guess. I used it as a time to check out those wicked cool paintings that sometimes had something awesome like a sword in it. That or make smalltalk with my neighbour.

However I do have one sincere memory of going to one of those old generation churches. My parents took me at a really young age for about a few times. My parents aren’t strict believers or church attendees at all. Back then it was just something that was done, the pastor was known to be an extremely kind man who was married to his housemaid. And generally speaking he was a loving person and also kind of popular actually. All the local people from the small town would gather and participate in the whole “here have a Body of christ-coockie” ritual. One day though the preacher explained the cross, the bare essentials. And eventhough I was too young to understand how it all worked, I knew one thing. I had immense respect for this Jesus fella. Because what He did applied to me and I owed him that much. That beeing said, the road had only begun and much was still ahead.


And with that my story is far from done, but I’ll leave it there because I wanna feed mah fishes in little bits n pieces so they don’t get overfed.

Have gud one!


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