Trusting God and others.

Hi everybody,

Yes it’s time for the soapbox again. Recently I came across the sinners prayer isseu in a video on youtube.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this I’ll break it down as short as possible as wel as I know how.

People get confronted with God in many diffirent ways be it dreams, visions, miracles or just about anything.

Back to the sinners prayer, at some point in life you may feel the need to cry out to God, wether you know Him or not. Wether it feels logical or not. Wether you went to Him or He called out to you first…there’s really no formulla for this. But in general most Christians can tell when it hapened, what day or what part of their life. What the circumstances were and how things turned out. It’s marking to you. Sometimes people get led by other people in these prayers and here is where all the hoopla starts.

One side claims once the prayer is uttered it’s in God’s hands and things take off. The other side however takes the stance that it doesn’t believe it’s real until some really noticeable diffirences have taken place. And here it seriously goes all over the place. Some say you have to do the prayer and you have to tell everybody about it, others say you immediatly have to enroll in a bible study, and so on and on,… Some of these ideas are good, others are horrible. After a few years of sniffing up church culture I came up with this personal rule of thumb. Try to remain yourself. I’ve been there, I’m seeing others go through it as I write this.

And it makes me realise something lately, dealing with your new identity and your past is exhausting, it’s intense, it’s sometimes even traumatising. Because everything you know about how to deal with life suddenly gets torn appart and put toghether diffirently. And wel meaning brothers and sisters in Christ do their utter best to help you get through it. And they try hard, but here is the thing. We have to learn to back off a bit as wel sometimes. Because we sooo long for those first days with God again ourselves, we just flood the newcomers like flies on a poo (dutch expression…priceless). Hoping to get a glimpse of God reaching out to the newcomer because we all know that’s where the spiritual action is. Maybe we aughta find our first love ourselves again? We suffocate the newcomer. We think we’re doing right but we’re really overdoing the guiding sometimes. They can’t rely on older brothers and sisters in Christ all the time, they have to learn to live life on their own spiritual feet…and I suggest they learn it pretty early as wel. You can’t tell others to live life for God and expect it to work. You’re going to have to trust God on this one. 

Does that bother you? The idea that, it’s really just you and God? The idea that, you have to let go of that new guy at some point and into the arms of God? Does it? Good.

Get a hold of the gospel, the whole picture, listen to preachings, read your bible, ask your brothers and sisters for guidance. But then there comes a point where you’re going to have to wrestle this out by yourself with God. Yes I do say wrestle. If your walk with God is happy clappy time all the time you’re missing out. I used to hate hearing this, but it’s true. No I’m not talking about persecution or physical suffering like most do. I’m talking about taking your deep frustrations, your darkest places, your biggest questions, your anger and hate. Take it to God…not just to “leave it at the cross” …no I want you wrestle through those things with God. It’s testing, it’s dangerous…but it’s been one of the most maturing things I’ve expierienced with God. Be dead honest about your feelings towards God. He knows how you are inside. Why hide it? Adam hid after the apple incident…as if God didn’t know where he was…it didn’t help the situation, I think it would have been better if he was open about it instead of hiding and then blaming his wife about it. And so it is for us.


If you want God to be honest with you, be real with Him…I promise it’ll do you good. God desires a real relationship with you, don’t worry, Jesus is your failsafe…and next to that, some things are best discovered firsthand.


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