Believing in your future » Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d take on another daily prompt just for fun.

One thing I want to share is how to find what it is you want to accomplish and then actually make it happen.

Years aggo I set out on a musical adventure that has put me on the right track for succes several times and yet everytime there have always been things that knocked me right off again when things were about to take off. I hate it when that happends. It’s discouraging to say the least.

I remember in my early days, I just got back from a weekend at a studio, there was going to be a band reunion that I was part of and we’d start of by recording a demo straight away. Things didn’t work out like they hoped for and so we split up again. I remember during that whole weekend I’d be sitting in the back noodling around with a tritone based riff. After all was said and done I was back home (still with my parents back then) and I was jamming around a bit. And I looked out the window, thinking. I realised I wanted something diffirent. I realised we could do this amateuristic style rushed recording over and over again and it would get us nowhere. I wanted to start a band or a musical collective that finally would have some dedication to bring good music. Back then for me that was a mixture of trash, death and “nu-metal”. I remember that moment verry vividly. I think it was only moments after, that I turned on a metronome, put a mic in front of my amp and recorded an improv of riffs in one single take that would become the first song of my new band. It sounded great like nothing I’ve written before at that point. I showed that recording to a friend a few days later and he was excited about it too.

I have tried to give that vision life for many years, in many diffirent attempts, and they all failed so far. If it wasn’t me putting the bar too high for others, then it would be other musicians not getting allong among eachother or practical situations getting in the way. Sometimes I’d give them too much freedom, other times I was far too strict…it’s not easy beeing a leader. Especially when you’re a kind person by nature. 

But in either one of these situations, looking back now, it was always the same thing. A lack of faith in myself.I don’t know where I got that, but it’s important to deal with. It’s like bodybuilding, you gotta train how much you believe you’re capable of. And it takes time and energy, but the results are there when you put time into it.

So that’s important, believe in yourself, think positive. Next to that, don’t let others do that for you. Because everyone will just love to put their dreams in your capabilities. But if you are destined to bring something into existence in a specific way, make sure it’s your unaltered dream. Not theirs, their dream may be a good one, and you can help out, but your dream takes priority.

You’ll know when that staring out of the window moment is there. It’ll follow you around and your heart will speak loudly to you “LISTEN!”.

A final thought, give yourself plenty of credit, you’re a wonderfull creation with magnificent capabilities. But at the same time try to put that into balance with beeing modest. That’s just common manners, be confident, but don’t be cocky.




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