Police has found dead carreers in a church building.

Research has shown they died from starvation.

Today’s rant,…not that I have gone full out yet,…will be about how the church will “aid” you in your goals…or rather try to. We’ve heard this story a million times before haven’t we? “I was down and out, Jesus showed up, a miracle hapened and now life is just fine and dandy.” And then they appear on the many Christian broadcasts all over the internet trying to promote their ministry with Jesus his handywork. Think about it, if Jesus was as anal about copyrights as we are…some ministries would be bankrupt in no time. Anyway, after that many of those people just seem to dissapear of the planet.

Lets take a look at Brian Welsh, he got saved, quit korn, went solo, wrote a couple of books, started Love and Death, became part of the whole whosoevers thing (I’m not sure about the order but whatever) and then joined Korn again….at this point I saw many christians pointing at Brian calling him a traitor.  Because surely he can’t be part of that heathen band AND be a Christian?

And that’s where I want to get at. It seems to me that only rarely somebody gets saved, involved with church and at the same time their proffesional life or carreer stays intact. It seems that no matter what you do outside of church, once you take it to a level beyond the churche’s capabilities they’ll be there to talk you out of it. And I think that’s a crying shame. When it comes to serving the church  they’re all open arms. Everybody is invited, everybody is welcome and encouraged to do so. And with that comes ofcourse everybody gets encouraged to get rid of their band t-shirts, cut ties with those nasty unsaved friends, all the way up to making drastic life altering choises. Not long aggo I read about how some certain hyper spiritual ministry somewhere (that will remain nameless) is filled with highly educated people. People who have degrees and diplomas for verry high functions. These same people have been brainwashed into just spending their time in prayer instead of fullfilling their carreers.

Take that in for a moment.

To some of you that might seem like a highly spiritual and sacrificial thing to do. But look at it this way. Aren’t those diplomas and degrees a blessing from God? Isn’t a high position a blessing from the Lord? Wouldn’t it be logical to use those gifts in gratitude and service of the Lord? Apparently to some part of the church not. And that sickens me.

Back to beforementioned ministry…would you be suprised if I told you people commit suicide there?

I write my blog as an open book, and I dearly hope church leaders will read this. Not everybody needs to be involved with your type of ministry. Not everyone is called to do so. It is in no way shape or form a better life lived in service of the kingdom then any other.

Jesus is after saving people from Hell…he is not interested in building a church army.

I’m so sick of hearing it “stacking chairs is just as good as preaching”…will you please cut that crap? Leave that fake humility in the toilet please. There’s nothing wrong with expanding your capabilities and buidling a carreer. In fact I encourage it to both Churched and non churched people alike. Find a trade and learn it’s secrets. Christianity is beeing called a cult by most people and you know what, in a lot of cases we deserved that title. If you have a desire and a talent for something that is beneficial and non destructive…go for it. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.

Theres nothing wrong with giving extravagant expressions to your worship or prayer, there is nothing wrong with devoting time to Jesus…but for the love of an average size donut, dunked in coffee unto the glory of His holy name…just live your God given life!!!

And let others do the same for crying out loud!


In closing here’s a little video from someone called Tony Seigh interviewing his wife.

Now go my little fishies! Be succesfull and live fullfilling lives…


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