Daily prompt: I believe

Now this one I just wanna jump on, even if it’s a little late 🙂

three things I believe:

1: Jesus/Jeshua (or whatever name you give him) was and is who he said he is.

2: That same Jesus died on a cross to carry the sin of the world.

3: He rose again, and if you believe in him you’ll live in the good side of eternity.

(now that is EXTREMELY basic…and probably offending to some of you, so here’s the parts that I don’t believe)

1: I don’t believe God hates anyone.

2: I don’t believe in most popular sayings in todays christianity, if it’s a catchphrase in church, best look up it’s origins.

And way more important=>

3: I don’t believe there is anything at all you must/can do to earn God’s love. It’s already there, just open your hands to recieve it. And if you can’t even do that, you can even ask for his help with that. How’s that for service huh?


So there ya go, my overcomplicated faith in a nutshell.


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