More blunders on social networks in the name of Christ…


I just can’t deal with this anymore…seriously?! I’m not a photoshop engineer wizard but good grief!!! Is this thing ever so obviously fake. Modern day christianity has a hard enough time beeing taken serious without stuff like this. A lot of christians are still not in on the debate between themselves and the rest of the world…if you’re a christian who likes this picture let me let you in on something.

The people who are critical of your faith….ARE SMART! Stop threating us like children please. And that goes for both people in and outside of the church. Why do you think people struggle with their faith? Why do you think people leave? …condescending things like these are not helping.

Ever heard of this one “thou shalt not bear false witness” ?

Now lets say that this was made not from a perspective of trying to make something convincing to pass it off as an actual event, but rather an artistic expression. Still this is not helping.

It feels plastic to me, it feels like you’re leaving out more then half of your story as wel.

Between this blunder and all the rainbow pictures by Thomas Kinkade I find nothing but untruthfull representations of life. Yes walking with Jesus is amazing at times, and it does express itself in almost fantasy like moments at those rare events where everything just perfectly falls into place.

But you have to be honest with yourself and the rest of the world…beeing a christian is gonna suck at times. Beeing a christian will have you cursing the day you were born at times doesn’t it? Don’t tell me you’ve never been angry at God and you feel like it’s puppies and rainbows all day every day…that is so naive and such a disservice to the magnifisence of the gospel.

I’ve found that my relationship with God gets strengthened the most in those dark days. Those days where it feels like you’re pulling glass shards from your body. Those days you wish you were dead. Am I gloryfying those days? Absolutly not, but I am saying look at how great God is that he would get us through days like these. Look at how great God is that he has entrusted us with moments like these because he gave us the strength to pull through. Such is His glory, in the weak, in the suffering, in those who are on the edge of giving up and even past it. That’s where he shines because he didn’t give up.


Yes walking with Christ has it’s walt disney moments…

but never forget that behind the scenes is a cross on a hill where the payment was made.


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