Double standards…

Ok I’m just going to go ahead and write it as the emotion is alive.
I’ve been quite fond of a certain christian standup commedian that will remain nameless. Been watching his stuff on and of for a few years now, usually the jokes are pretty mild and harmless.

Until now.

He made a joke that was sort of tongue in cheeck about one of his kids beeing a mistake. First thought you might have is “but cmon angryfishguy, it’s only a joke”. No, to me it isn’t. Kids listen diffirently when it comes to the parents. Kids needs their parents backing them in who they are.

Theres a practice with the jews that goes to way back in the day, not sure if they still do it today. When a son would reach a certain age his father would take him to the town square and announce to everyone there that they could from then on do business with his child in his name. This was a sign of the father trusting the son and standing behind him. Validating his identity. This is a huge thing. Everyone needs that moment in life where a healthy father figure says “Yes I fully approve of you, you are loved”.

This draws huge parallels to the christian story…or what’s left of it anyway.
To me Jesus his life speaks volumes about loving people, validating them and supporting them no matter what.

But ofcourse it’s all become a joke. Don’t get me wrong I’d love for christianity to rid itself of it’s fluffy rainbow-esque estethics and connotations. I just love to see that stuff crash and burn. But you don’t talk smack about your own blood.

I forgive the guy, but if I ever have a child I will be telling my kid to tell his kid I’m not doing business with him anymore until he sets this right.

This is angryfish beeing angry.


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