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Celebrity deaths

Verry sad news. Robbie Williams has been found dead, and it might even look like suicide.

It’s something to stand still with for a moment as the world of hollywood has lost someone with a great personality.

Now I want to take this oportunity to focus on something that’s been on the back of mind for a good while now. It’s not that I want to be unsensitive to people who care about Williams, but now is the time.

It takes me back to the death of Dimebag Darrel. I was at the time a verry big fan, way into Pantera and Damageplan. This was right before dean guitars made it a hype. Heh, I even had a washburn stealth, loved that guitar. And I still am a fan, sometimes nothing beats some good old ‘nterra!

It was the first time something like this had hapened to me, a childhood hero died…and how. I turned on the tv and there it was scrolling across the screen “Rockstar Dimebag Darrel murdered” as the reporter was explaining the situation. I froze. And it took me a while, at school me and some other guitarists talked about it. No cracking jokes, no trying to outguitar ego eachother…this was a moment for silence. And so it went on for a while…it honestly did something to me, I really looked up to the guy. I even named a pet bunny after him.

Until a certain point, as I mentioned before, dean guitars had aqcuired the rights to his new guitar designs and started milking it bigtime. With that came the hordes of fanboys that kept on hyping and bullshitting about every little fact they could find. And something clicked in me. The sudden realisation that this was a person I didn’t know personally. The realistation that, if I were to stand before him in the afterlife or something then and there, he’d probably go like “euhm could you move aside please? I’d rather see my wife!”.

That made me grow out of it and I’ve been sort of a hardass ever since about celebrity deaths.

This takes me to another one from a few years aggo. Micheal Jackson.

Oh my goodness what mass madness there was about it, and to some still is I bet.

I saw people up close in my personal life hurting over it. I just didn’t care. And I still don’t. The guy made fantastic music and…that’s about it. Yes there was also some really freaky stuff in the news about him…but that’s about it. But everybody just made it way bigger then it was suposed to be.

And what did christianity do at the time? A lot of them just jumped on the bandwagon blindly. Some heard he got saved right before he died, some had a visions he was in Hell, some had visions that he was still alive and claimed that must be it, others knew for sure he was a muslim, some actually claimed to have seen him (next to tupac and Elvis I bet) and the wild theories, speculations and just downright embarrasments just kept popping up.

And in all of this, this media orgy of drama mongering over some famous person who died. Nobody seemed to stand still with the fact that, almost nobody really knew this guy.

There’s two things I wanna get at here.

First: keep your emotions and feelings for those who are actually part of your personal life. It’s not natural to have such intense feelings about pieces of media that are suposed to represent people. Don’t get me wrong here, love art, but give it an appropriate place in your heart. Hey if another one of my guitar heros dies soon who knows I might be bummed out too for a while, but lets try. Good ol famely values right?

Second, and this one is for the Christians mostly: Sometimes you just don’t know and you aught to embrace that. You don’t know what was in this persons heart, soul and spirit by just looking at his artistic output. You don’t know if this person is in heaven or hell because “you had the vision”. You don’t know what hapened and is going on because of your half-assed deductive reasoning. Be a respectfull person and just say “I don’t know”. Christians tend to have a bad image in this area, lets try and change that. Beeing humble by admitting that you don’t know, is not a defeat ok? In fact you’ll find it to be quite a charming aspect of your personality that will open doors.

So there now you know how I feel about celebrity deaths and all the crazyness about it.

And I haven’t even posted this for 10 minutes and already it’s there, the smartass Christian remarks “Humour is good, God is better”…I don’t even have words for such ignorant arrogance…


Time for another blasphemy… my own denomination!

A while aggo I was talking to people about not attending church anymore, friends, people that were concerned and the likes. And this response came up from time to time “oh but you shouldn’t, because it will cause division”.

And while I can see their point that trying to live side by side with people from diffirent worldviews is a noble thing. I also find it a bit…moot?

Look at it this way, for most people church is a weekend activity that fits in right next to a fulltime job and for a part of those also kids. In other words it occupies your already limited leasure time. The last thing you need in that timeframe is more stress, more misunderstanding, more arguing. You need your off-days otherwise you’ll end up with a burnout. Need biblical proof? Fine God rested on sunday, there now shut up!

Which is another thing, if sunday is suposed to be a day of rest…why do you christians get all riled up in hyper activity on sunday? Please just sleep in and spent time with your loved ones, get recharged, you know you need it.

Anyway back to division. Yes it’s true christianity is plenty sliced n diced as it is today. To most people there’s just the catholic church, and then those protestants or whatever you call them. But truth be told it’s a bees nest of denominations and abominations. (or would I say DEMONisations? oooh silly fishrants, your stupid puns are deathworthy)

And so I am glad to announce I am starting my own! D:

Yes introducing the latest and greatest in semi-intellectualistic technology I proudly present to you “AGNOSPIRIENTALIST CHRISTIANITY”. I’ve been growing this one in my backyard for a while now :p

Holy fudge what the flip is that? Alright lets breack it down.

Agno: from agnostic, hey lets be honest here, christianity doesn’t have enough of this “Hey sometimes I just don’t know”. And it’s true sometimes you don’t know, you don’t know for 100% sure there is a God at times, you don’t know what exactly every single thing was intented to mean in the bible…sometimes you just don’t know and that’s okay. Notice I said sometimes! this doesn’t make it full agnostisism.

spirientalist: it says spiri so it must mean something spiritual right? Nah, it’s derived from expierience. I’ve found that many christians are verry rejecting and dissaproving of their “previous life” refering to their own lives before they got reborn christians/baptised whatever you wanna call it. And with that mindset you lose a lot of your personality (I’ve been there, it’s not pretty) a God given personality. In my walk with God I’ve learned to embrace my past and everything in it. No more trying to pray away all those ex girlfriends, no more trying to pray away the bad things I’ve done…hey it’s part of the ride I’ve had, lets celebrate that! I’ve lived and loved and theres plenty more where that came from, that’s great! I feel sorry that I got talked into viewing the past as a bad thing. So there you have it, in balance of trying to be all spiritual, let the expierience of life overcome you…you’ll find a lot more freedom in God then when you try to force yourself into holiness over and over again. (seriously are we ever going to accept Jesus his offer or just keep on trying?)

So there you have it, agnospirientalism…has an unchristian sound to it huh doesn’t it? Yeah I like it too. In all seriousness I don’t give two turds about denominations anymore in a sense that I don’t want to be part of any.
It’s ridiculous and it turns what is suposed to be a relationship/expierience based faith into an ugly rule driven religion again.

Keep things fresh guys, don’t ever let anyone make your walk with God dull and boring!