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Christian jokes are of the devil…


Hah! Isn’t that cute?! Because at some point everybody asks for a sign from God right? Hilarious!!!

Oh wait, you already know I don’t think this is funny at all. Here’s the idea friends…somewhere out there is someone who is about to break up with someone they’ve been with for a long time, and it will ruin his or her life and plenty of people around it will suffer from it as well, yes maybe there are children involved as well. Maybe there’s someone who just got fired and doesn’t know where to turn…his day to day world just collapsed and the impact is devastating. Somewhere out there is a woman praying next to the bed her husband lies in…in a hospital. The doctors say it might be his final hours. Somewhere out there is a young guy who invested everything in a girl he has been with for a while and he just found out she’s been cheating on him. He feels his heart broken down piece by piece…and already he feels a heart attack coming on. Somewhere out there is a man living on the street addicted to drugs and he knows he went too far…he desperately looks up to the sky and reaches out for the unknown as a last stand of hope. Somewhere out there is someone about to make a huge decision in his career, this decision will either make or break it, the once in a lifetime shot. …Somewhere out there is someone who is at the end of his rope and doesn’t see a way out anymore…the gun is already in his mouth…

And basically what you are saying is “WHAT A JOKE!!!!”. No sure this sign is just a practical tongue in cheek gag done by a lot of Christians…nothing wrong with that. Except that you are ruining the genuine encounter for many people. You are standing in the way of God doing his thing. And to top it off, you make Christianity look like a joke. Which when you look at things like these it might as well be. Just an irrelevant piece of cultural heritage that gets passed on from generation to generation because it’s traditional and the “right” thing to do.

I would much rather have it be something real.

You are supposed to be the people with the answers or at the very least an attitude that is mature enough to admit that you don’t always have them.