Jesus has just left the building

Ok so that’s a verry lame and obvious one as far as tongue in cheeck jabs at institutionalised Christianity go. In fact keep reading this one might not be what you think it is.

I’m reading a lot of conflicting information from diffirent camps within the church lately, and I bring that up as if it’s been any diffirent throughout history, anyway that aside.

One side is showing a red flag. The older streams of church are pulling the allarm that the churchpews are collecting dust, tithes are not beeing paid, Jesus is beeing removed from the gospel and ofcourse every topic from tattoos to gay people is on the table because all of a sudden and out of nowhere pops up a generation of people who have no real connection to church and don’t really see the point to have it either. (can you blame them?)

On the other side we have the younger generation of optimists. “God is going to do something new, Jesus will be proclaimed in the Streets hallellujah I saw it in a dream. Revival is coming!!!”. They refuse to stand still with the idea that there is a huge culture shift and stubornly hold fast in the belief that God is going to pull some kind of kosjer rabbit out of his crown.

I stand somewhat between these two but also a bit on the sideline of the field with a slurpee in my hand.

To the conservatives, look the world got a lot bigger for us. There are a lot of issues today that you guys don’t really have a clearcut answer for. Or you do have answers and solutions but they tend to be quite christianese and in some cases not so healthy from a humanist point of view.

To the optimistic free gracers and whathave you. If you are one to hold that God is going to heal his church and it’ll be glorious….have a seat.

If we look at our Catholic neighbours they’ve been going through quite a rhough patch. As we all know the pedophilia scandals came floating up and it wasn’t pretty. And I too for a while found it easy to say “see? that’s why I’m a Christian now”. God have mercy I was a naive and uneducated fool back then, not long aggo even.

Then I heard this from friends, they somehow visited a prayer meeting of some sort where some catholic bishops (or some rank I don’t know exactly which one) were involved. And one of the prayers was one of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for hearing the pleas they had made for God to clean and purge his church.

Makes you silent for a moment doesn’t it? Because as much as we’d like to turn our eyes away from this painfull subject…it had to come to light in order to have change.

So I want to suggest for the evangelical/charismatic/…or any other part of christianity that finds itself praying for revival or similar things.
It might be the right and sincere prayer, but when God does come around…it might hurt for you guys as wel.

The fact that people are leaving the Sunday morning culture in droves might seem conerning. But at the same time…I catch myself beeing an optimist here.
I don’t go to Sunday morning services anymore…sometimes I’ll pop my head in to say hi to some people but that’s about it. And you’d think I’d lose faith because of it. That’s what the pastors and brothers in the congregation used to say…you gotta stick toghether or the devil will get ya!!!

And while on a superficial level I have become less “christian” in that I’ll go out for a drink or two, consider having a tattoo at some point and heck I’ll sometimes even try asking a non christian girl out. Doesn’t seem to make any diffirence anyway. Just as uninterested like the christian ones…

But beneath that,…it’s given me tromendous space to think a lot of things over, to study church history with a more critical eye. To ponder about existentialism in light of a creator beeing.
And I have to say that it has made my faith more grounded and solid versus beeing the young christian that nearly pisses his pants when you bring something up like atheism.

So just maybe God is leading people out to learn how to stand strong without the institutionalised church format in preperation of reconstructionworks.
God wouldn’t demolish a building with half of his children still inside right?

…and NO…this is not a prophecy.
But I will encourage you to consider it.

May God bless you and yours


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