Don’t be an individual says the prophet.

That’s what I heard the so called “prophet” preach.

He was an american preacher that came to our little euro church to preach. And here’s how that went.

I decided to visit just in between periods of not going to church as I heard there was going to be a propheticly gifted preacher. And if you’ve been part of a somewhat charismatic church you’ve noticed this too: whenever a speaker from the outside is coming that has somewhat of a reputation that ties into the charismatic you’ll quickly notice how almost everyone just pumps up the worship part of the service. They give it their all as if to say “God please let this guy do his thing because you usually don’t respond when we ask you by ourselves” and I’m not blaming them btw…waiting for a word or a miracle or whatever can be extremely frustrating, confusing, discouraging and after a while even unhealthy. And with that, sure you’ll sometimes close one eye and kind of throw a bone towards less personal ways to reach God.

Anyway back to prophet boy. So the worship is blasting and everybodies into it except for me… because usually I’m just contemplating the lyrics, noticing all the crazyness going on and whatnot…yeah if I’m ever going to settle down in a church again it’ll be a nice n quet one. That or a full on metal and/or rave church (if you’re gonna be loud, do it right). And I notice the prophet man making his way to the stage.

He grabs the mic, holds a hand up in the air and does the “oh look at me I’m beeing all spiritual here recieving a message from God” kinda thing… And his word was something allong the lines of “God wants me to speak on this particular verse” (insert some verse).

The worship ended, everyone went back to his or her seat (wel yes…like I said that church is kinda charismatic like that) and the preaching began. The man flipped open his tablet and lo and behold he had a whole preaching prepared on that verse that he “recieved” during the worship. Projector slides and everything.

I don’t remember what he spoke on anymore but I remember part beeing about “you have to stick toghether, don’t leave church because you don’t feel at home or can’t find a girlfriend, don’t be so individualistic…you know how like you europeans tend to be”…

Oh don’t worry the story isn’t even over yet.

Then towards the end he wraps up with “I invite everyone to stand up to invite the holy spirit, if you don’t stand up the holy spirit won’t be able to manifest fully. If you don’t want to be part of this please leave”.

I smelled bullshit so I just remained seated. Some tried to encourage me to get up but I refused, yeah I sure I prayed about it I said “God, I don’t trust this guy”. Me and some other guy also remained seated, should ask him soon why he didn’t.

And what I found even more suprising is that nobody caught it. Nobody was paying attention that he announced his own beforehand prepared preaching as beeing commanded by God.

Why am I telling this story? Because first of, there are fakes, and not just guys who are naive and confused. There are vicious fakes, that know they are and insist on beeing the real deal… that or they have their heads reaaaally far up a certain place.

But on the flipside of that there are also real ones.

And for that I’m sticking too one guy I know. He doesn’t go to big crowds, he doesn’t have his own “churchpew” or website…he doesn’t even proclaim himself to be a prophet. Those are the real ones.
They’ll sit one on one with you over dinner and out of the blue start pulling things out of your past. They whisper quitly the voice of God with gentleness. They’ll say things that only you know what they mean and they’ll never tell you how to act or what to do specifally. Because it’s not about you. It’s about God and what He can and will do in your life and they are loving kind things.

I love a good prophecy I honestly do, but I tell you, it’s dangerous business…as much as I like to say “old testament doesn’t count anymore” …I firmly believe and support in the scriptures that command to stone false prophets. Because here’s the thing=> you want to prophesy? Fine, if you are speaking for God…you are also going to be accountable for it. Don’t dare lie because if we find out you have been lying, you’ll die.

We don’t have that anymore because that would be illegal…but speaking for God when you are not, should be just as illegal.

They always say try to descern the spirits and test it by the word of God. I say, if that is too smoke and mirror like for you, use common sense. You’ll find a way to seperate the conman from the real deal.

Don’t be fooled, God loves you more then that


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