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Goodbye Christian girlfriend

Just for shits n giggles

Just for shits n giggles

So here’s a picture I made for all of you to enjoy and share with your friends. And here’s why.

As I’ve been going through the paces of expieriencing, digesting, contemplating,… a lot of the aspects that come with beeing a believer in God. I feel strong disconnect from typical Christianese culture.

One of the areas specifically is christian women. Holy sanctified crap, are christian women ever so charismatic and over spiritual about matters. Don’t even get me started about trying to find a date among these. It’s been one dissapointment after another and I find myself more and more letting go of the idea that I should have a christian wife since I am a christian believer.

For those who don’t get that reasoning there are passages of the bible that lend themselves for interpretation that says you can’t marry a non believer or a believer outside of your own faith. Theres many reasons why this is in fact not even a bad idea, …but my personal expierience tends to say otherwise.

Most don’t take the hint that you are interested, some just want your attention and then leave you for dead, some will flirth with you for a while and then go “God told me you’re not the one for me” (if you’ve ever told anyone this, chances are you’re a false prophettes and you deserve to be stoned to death=> read your bible), some just flat out promise you that this is it “lets get married someday and have kids” only to go sleep with some random Joe Shmoe a couple of days later, some situations went even further painfully south. And the list goes on and on like that, all real expieriences of mine by the way.

Remember in Luke 14 where Jesus tells about a master who sent out his servant to invite his friends? They all had excuses why not to come so instead he invited random people of the streets. Ofcourse this refers to who gets into heaven and who doesn’t and whatnot and every christian denomination or schollar has 10 diffirent interpretations of this…but all that aside. I feel like that master. I’ve been inviting christian women to date me, trying my best to be a good guy to them and everything they could hope and dream for. I’m far from perfect, but hey I got a job, a bible and I’m pretty set on not cheating. Not too shabby for starters right? Yet none responded to my invitation, if they werent playing with my emotions they’d lie, cheat,…break my heart over and over again.

No more, the banquet is open. If the perfect woman comes around and it turns out she’s a believer, then that’s great. But this market is all about supply and demand and I hear there’s some pretty decent and respectfull women at the agnostic departement.

As for the picture, I might as well use humour right? It’s been depressing enough as it is.

(ps: I stole the picture from this site=>