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The good old days

I was reading this post by Ben Irwin

And it trigered something in me. Memories of young people sitting in a living room just having a good time and enjoying just talking about God, just dreaming up ideas about how we could take the gospel to the people.

Heck we’d even delve into a little prayer and God permit a little prophecy on the side from time to time. It all seemed to innocent and refreshing.

And as time passed we moved onto the next place, where we even got to have our own little rock concerts…well the music wasn’t quite where it needed to be but hey, atleast we were jamming for God and it was still fun and exciting. There was even talks of taking our worship to the bars, to the people on the streets…

I was a brand new christian myself and as such kind of naive. I really felt like this could be the direction for my life for a while. I was genuinly excited for the adventures to come.

And then it all came to a screeching halt. Rock music had to make way for more prayer meetings and more bible studies. …But instead of hanging out and talking about life and God like we did in the beginning, now we all of a sudden had dvd’s and programs. A bit more stern and robotized. Just a little bit more…controlled into the directions they wanted.

And word got out of our new little church group so other christians started joining up. People that were tired of those old conservative chruches who we’re just aching for something new. We welcomed them with open arms and hearts…because hey, no way our church would become stale and boring like those others right?

How wrong I was.

It quickly became apparent that our church became nothing more then a group to drop of christianitys local misfits and youngsters. And an easy place for passer throughs to quickly get some worship going until their travels took them to their next destination.

I stopped going little by little. Every time I got rejected by yet another christian girl it was just another shove out of the door for me. Everytime I had to explain these people how good quality music is not made the way hillsong and the likes do it…another shove out of the door. The more mainstream church culture became the focal point of it all. And the more this little group seemed to tap into the mainstream chruch culture the more it died for me.

Until there came a point of total disconnect and bitterness.
I almost forgot there used to be good times. I did bring it up a while aggo but was met with “oh but in order to grow we have to let go of the past”…how beautifully quaint and empty.

They have their bigger location now, and they have their weekly attendance showing up…good for them. But one by one, all of the people that made this church what it is today are packing their baggs and leaving. That should mean something. That should raise some allarms.

But the “leaders” won’t even show the common courtesy of asking why. Sad. Verry sad.

So if you’re like I was back then. You’re part of a small group of christians and things are genuinly fun. It adds to your life when you hang out with these people and you look forward to the next meeting.


I know the pastor, leader, or whatever he calls himself would love bigger attendance and a bigger building to justify bigger tithings to be paid. But trust me, it’s not worth it. Because the good and innocent times you are having right now…will die a slow and painfull death.

And you may think your churchgroup is going to be diffirent and that you and your friends will stand the test of time. And you may, if you keep your eyes open and your senses sensible.

But don’t let it be ruiend…for the love of a donut DON’T aspire to become the next Marshill, Hillsong united, … or whathaveyou kind of church. Keep it small and innocent.

People say showbizz will kill you once you get too big… church is not a hair diffirent. Not a SINGLE hair diffirent. If not worse.

This is angry fish…also a bit bitter now.


I wish christians would stop quoting some people.

If you’ve read some of my other posts you know by now what my position on christianese sayings and qoutes is.

And as much as I use the “unfollow” button on facebook this stuff keeps slipping through.Like this gem for example:

“Rule with the heart of a servant. Serve with the heart of a king.”

– Bill Johnson

Granted I’ve been accused of beeing a nitpicker in these instances, but truth is truth and it needs to be said. This by itself …means nothing. Look, a good king already is a servant because his form of service, is kingship. Now wether or not there are good kings (aside from Jesus yaddayadda) that’s debatable.

“But mister angryfish, you should look up the sermon in it’s entirity, lol ofcourse it means so little as a qoute”. First off then why do you keep on spreading watered down versions of something you stand behind. Second and more importantly,…I’ve given Bill Johnsons sermons a listen every once in a while.

And what they always boil down to for me…is some farfetched semi biblical interpretations that he builds up into the almighty crescendo=>

If you say something …slow…and repeat it a couple of times…then it becomes meaningfull.

Are you getting this people?

If you say something …SLOW…and repeat it a couple of times…then it becomes …MEANINGfull.

Let me rephrase that so you can really grasp this, glory to God this is so precious.

If you say something slow…and repeat it a couple of times…THEN it becomes meaningfull.

If you slow something say, a couple or repeats later it becomes full of meaning.

Slow meaning full of repeats say a couple of times.

If you say something …slow…and repeat it a couple of times…then it becomes meaningfull.

Glory to God, amen!
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