Warning about the warning.


Ain’t that wonderfull news?


And here’s why. Because it’s unrealistic. Sure theres this idea in christianity based on scripture that, when you read the bible you are drawing closer to God and God closer to you. And to a certain extent I guess you could say that’s true, seeking God can start or take place in the bible.
But please don’t pretend that it’ll be a happy clappy joyride. That’s a lie from modern christianity that is about a big of a lie like the next date some whackjob church sets for the rapture to happen.

Reading the bible can be traumatising for a believer, or even a non believer. If you read the account of genesis all the way through and think everything that happends in there is glorious joy unto the Lord…wow are you some kind of psychopath?

Don’t you just get furious at parts where God just wipes out an entire people just because? Doesn’t that at the verry least raise some questions? What about Noah, who puts a curse on his grandson for what one of his sons did? Don’t you at least feel like Noah, God’s chosen, is beeing a bit of a jerk there?

Regardles of where you stand on God’s sovereign will or intention behind his actions in these passages. You owe it to your human nature (which is after all, made in the image of God as the bible says) to atleast aknowledge feeling of regret and pain towards those who perish in the bible.

When I read about the flood, how God wiped out everything because he regretted making mankind. I feel angry. I feel angry because they didn’t get the Jesus passcard. I feel angry because somehow God is giving us a go while they didn’t. Yes that may be verry unchristian of me, but it’s honest.

It’s more honest then the people who pretend like God is good all the time. And somehow that idea by itself is a reason to celebrate everything that happends regardless of what our real emotions tell us.

It’s more honest then rejoicing in God’s vengeance or wrathfull hand, trying to somehow justify ourselves beeing alive and “on God’s side” while they aren’t. As if we get to cheer God on as he slays the wicked and lets us live because we are suposidly better then they were. We’re not, never were, never will be. At the end of the day, if you take the christian setting for what it is in general, you’re done for if it’s not for the grace that is Jesus his sacrifice. Let alone taking slight diffirentiations on that premise: open theism, universalism, …yeah I know a few fancy words don’t I?

The reason I write this is too set some balance for pictures like the one above. Yes there may be a God like the one described in the bible, currently I believe that the bible shows little bits and pieces of something we can’t grasp. And it verry well may be the most correct one (taking into account history/translation/culture/…) But don’t take my word for it, walk your path in life. I don’t want you to feel betrayed because of what I told you to believe. All I can do is tell you that beeing a theist, can have marvelous moments, but it can also be devastating. It can do serious harm. It’s not all butterlys and strawberries. Anyone who tells you that is either a serious liar or just hasn’t lived yet.

Please christians, stop pretending that beeing on our side is the best just to get more people on board. People are dead tired of that kind of advertising.

I dare you to be honest.


2 thoughts on “Warning about the warning.

  1. Carol Lyle

    I love this Warning ! Its true. But it takes time to become what it promises. Don’t give up to soon. You have wonderful insight from the Bible, but you hide it under a veneer of anger, disappointment and resentment. You are using the wrong looking glasses. Maybe you can change them to a fresh set of Faith Hope and Love, and seek out from God, the purpose He has just for you. You have far to much potential to waste it on synicism. Look to the Author and Finisher of your Faith, and not to other people, even Christian people. Read the Bible, it will transform you into what will amaze you. Don’t miss out. Happy thought-full reading !!

    1. angryfishrants Post author

      Hi, I’m sorry it took me a while to get back to your post. I really appreciate that you try to encourage me for a more hopefull mindset. And do note that my posts are only snapshots of the motions that I go through on a daily basis.

      However I’m only trying to make a case for setting realistic expectations in life and beeing prepared for the inevitable. That in combination with beeing a theistic believer. Christianity we get to see mostly celebrating God in any situation, but asside from prayer they do sometimes verry little for people who are struggling with anger or sadness.
      We fellowship around these people, pray for them…and that’s about it in lots of cases. Leaving them with many many questions, where was God? Why did he let this happen? Why doesn’t he take away the pain?

      We need to make people aware that God also has room for them and for them to live out those emotions. You can’t just swipe bitterness under a rug, put a smile and your face and go on like God took care of everything. That’s unhealthy, and it would take it’s toll in time.

      And that’s sort of what I was dealing with, trying to get at in my post. God accepts your anger if you give it to Him. There’s no point in hiding it because if He’s God, then He knows all about it. Don’t hide like Adam did, give Him everything and mean it.


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