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Will God forgive Christianity?

It’s a theme that comes back in most ancient religious writings, judgement day, the end where everything has to be accounted for.

Wether or not this is to be taken literal or not is already a huge topic, add to that Christianity and it’s more often then not ridiculous eschatological ideas (views/beliefs about the end of time) and you have a puzzle to last you a lifetime. If you’re a flexible person that is open to learn new and different views every once in a while that is.

One of my personal favorites in the huge and complex question that humanity has throughout the ages, has been so far, a God that forgives.
Because that’s good news, wether it’s through Jesus his sacrifice and faith therein, or some other figures sacrifice or just goodness… it’s a comforting idea that the originator of our existence, if it’s a sentient one,  can look past the misbehavior we display from time to time. …an all knowing and loving God surely must be aware that life on this planet can be painfully frustrating from time to time right?

What I do have trouble with lately is seeing how he could forgive the atrocities of religion carried out in his name.

And I’m not even talking about the recent terrorism carried out in name of the so called God of the Quran. That’s a no brainer.

What I’m more concerned with right now is more close to my own heart and personal life. Sure you could say I might be wallowing in self pity. (listening to Gothic Doom as I write this certainly amplifies that feeling)

Can God forgive Christianity? The cult-ure that drives away it’s own with an inhumane desire to be right over anyone who doesn’t comply. A determination to overthrow anything which stands in their way that makes the empire in star wars, or the borg in star trek seem like tame kittens.

I used to just scroll by and let it pass over my head, the dumb, dumb ideas people present as “christian teaching”.

Here’s to you, the christians that are convinced the particle accelerator is going to open a gateway to hell, the christians that get into politics only to try and sabotage gay people from living a normal life and claim to do it out of “logic”. Here’s to you all of the modern day false-prophets that lie in the name of God, according to your own favorite book, you deserve to be stoned to death. And I happen to agree with it on that one.
Here’s to that jackass on youtube who feels he has to make a video pointing out that slayer is a satanic band. What do you want then? For them to play a rendition of “how great is (y)our God” at your churches youth-center? A youth-center that was paid for with money that could have gone to taxes, or even better yet, food and housing for the poor. A youth-center that is inherently boring and lame because of tightwads like you who need to squeeze all the fun out of every gathering by christianesing all over the place.
Here’s to you Christians who are more concerned singing the atrocities against all that is holy and aesthetically pleasing you call “worship music” (snoooorreee).
And here’s to all the asshole christians who love to point at Kathy Perry, if she left, she did it because of you and rightfully so. I don’t care if Evanescence denied beeing a christian band, you know what I would do it as wel, having Christianity tied to your musical product is just bad marketing anyway. Here’s to you, the selfish pricks who had to make sure the series “God the devil and Bob” got cancelled because it offended you. Thank you for making the world a darker and more grim place with your nazi like tendencies in having everything your way. God surely must be proud of you now that you’ve accomplished to liken his followers more to a group of nosy puritans rather then a people who celebrate life and all the expressions thereof. You’re the people because of whom we can’t have nice things.
And here’s to you, Christians who just can’t get to terms with dinosaurs.
Those poor bastards probably died years before us because they didn’t want to deal with your shit in the first place.

God forgives individuals, but christianity as a collection of ideas and practices…I’m not so sure anymore. That culture just really wants to do everything it can to piss people off doesn’t it? And I haven’t even begun about capitalism gone off the rails…

And finally, God bless Slayer. (deal with it)