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ANGRYFISH GAMES: the upcoming Doom 2016

Here I’d like to introduce a new part of this blog, Angryfish games. Next to music and musings about existence I also like to talk about video games every once in a while. Not to an extent where it’s my main focus but I like to keep up with some of my childhood favorites every once in a while.

So it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Doom franchise, heck, I’m a fan of pretty much everything Id software has put their name on, or all the classics associated with theirs from other companies as well. I like old school fps in general.

I remember when I got really introduced to Doom, yes back in the day we all found out this way, through the first episode: kneedeep in the dead.

Things have changed a lot, Doom has seen some ups and downs (and loooong periodes of silence also) but gladly we’re about to see the next installment next year.

Now here I want to make some points and put some thing in perspective because it always happens time and time again when a big franchise is about to release their next big title. The hordes of fans grow restless and start typing/clawing away at their keyboards as they drool on their screens with either anticipation or disgust and hatred.
Some fans are excited and start saying things like “omg this is going to be the best game EV3R!!!” and then quickly onto the scene comes a grumpy thug kids only to slap the excited kid in the face with the bitter grimness that this game is going to be the worst. “THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY AND WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!”

Settle down already, you too kid wearing a cod t-shirt, yes you can haz fps but you gotta keep your jap shut.

Here is where it’s going to be at. Are you ready for this?

The new doom, coming in 2016, is most likely going to be…exactly what it needs to be.

No more, no less.


And here’s why:

*The music: And trust me I know a thing or two about music. No, these are not the rocking tracks we had back in the 90’s. Guess what, they’re not supposed to be.
These people are up to a really difficult task, they need to capture the imagination and fulfill the expectations of really difficult fans. Not only that, but they also have to deliver something that has artistic integrity, something that “works”. You may like fries with your burger, and you may also like a milkshake to go with it as well.. Lord knows I do. But for the love off all that is holy, don’t dunk your fries into the milkshake.
Too much of a good thing can turn out bad.

And it’s like that with the music in this game as well. Yes it will probably have some amped up moments, it should, but not all of the time. It desperately needs dynamics if you want the intense moments to have impact. What worked in the old doom wouldn’t work in this one.

*The visuals: They are right, I don’t care if you think the cacodemons need to be brighter or the cyberdemon doesn’t look the same. This is a modern day overhaul, you seriously don’t want them to just remake the old models and put them on a new engine. Point in case look at this=>

“yeah but that is a bad example, they gotta make it more realistic but then more like the old ones”

No, and no. First of this is one of the “better” examples that I could find. There are far worse ones out there. Secondly, the old designs worked because they looked cartoony in an engine that supported it. If they would go that route today you’d end up with Team Fortress styled visuals. And you don’t want your Doom experience to look like that right? What they did is a perfect compromise, they do have a very slight and subtle hint of cartoony characiture, but almost so little that you barely notice it on some of the models. And that’s what it should be.

As for the cyberdemon and others not being shaped the same. I’m honestly glad, they tried to rework the cyberdemon closer to the old one in doom 3 and it honestly didn’t really do it for me. If they went any closer to the 1st one it would lose any and all credibility.

*Gameplay: Oh goody, here comes the real kicker. And you’re right this is touchy subject matter that I’m not even going to touch because I haven’t even played the alpha. All I can say is, I hope they do a good job and give us plenty of options to tweak our mouse settings.

*Snapmap: eventhough this might bring some restrictions for mods, I think it’s a brilliant move. The community around doom I and II thrives even today because making a map is pretty easy yet flexible enough to be interesting.

Nowadays making maps has come a very long way and the options are pretty much endless. But that’s the thing. The average user has no idea how to make a box in most 3d editors (I know I don’t) and that’s where most modern games fall flat, the fans wait for some other fans to make mods because most of them don’t have the proper know-how. And as soon as there’s a handful of user made maps the guys that do know how to do it go back to using udk and the community stops.

Snapmap hopefully gives us what starcraft and warcraft have done, give the fans the power to make maps so the game can live on long and happy.

To conclude am I saying that Doom is going to be perfect? Probably not, it’ll upset someone regardless of what they do because expectations are very high and the fans nowadays have a high sense of entitlement.

But on the flipside of that, from what we’ve seen, this should be a great product. If they deliver what they promise us. Or even about 70-80% of that, it still should be great.
If you compare the new material to the leaked trailer of the previous version “doom 4” (look it up on youtube) you’ll see why I can say this confidently. This looks like a product they made with both their minds AND their gut instinct. And that’s important it needs to be spontaneous.

With that said, I have never developed a full game in my life, I am a musician.

Also on a side note, I’d like to pitch a little theory of mine. Remember how Carmack announced he was considering rebooting the Quake 1 universe? This was a few years ago. When the first teaser came out it didn’t click for me yet, but then the more preview material started coming out something clicked for me.

“fused in unholy union of flesh and metal”

That in combination with some of the designs of some of the monsters, and the part where they have to scan a guys hand to get access (a reference to quake II) makes me think they might have adapted the stroggos into the doom universe. Not literally as in the timelines would cross, but the ideas and concepts. The combination of flesh and machine was already present in Doom but it wasn’t such a heavy focus as it was in quake II and the rest of the stroggos universe. So maybe they’ll bring that back in the new Doom and really have a quake 1 style reboot. Which I would be very excited for as wel. Lets be honest Quake 4 did kind of show this universe needed something fresh and it needed it badly.

This is angryfish guy saying “RIP AND TEAR!!”