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This is not a prayer

Have you ever noticed how some Christians post their prayers on social media and completely ignore Matthew 6:5-6? But lets not be hypocrites here, every believer no matter what kind ignores plenty of scripture, because lets face it, living by the book 100% is just impossible.

No, what irks me more about that is the idea that somehow by posting their prayers “to God” in public they want to achieve… what?

Lets rephrase and deconstruct that a bit shall we? The interaction with God, the prayer, is being interacted with other people. So either it’s a prayer to God or it’s a message to people.

Because ask any “christian” or even people from other faith’s and you’ll notice that nearly all of them will confirm that prayer is to be done unto God, not other people. Well, there’s always that weirdo sitting in front of church of course…

Then why is it that Christians do this? Why do you so often see some “defender of the faith” taking on the internet trying to win an argument by obnoxiously stating their beliefs and finishing that of with a nice big fat “AMEN”?

It’s not like their statements get more validity that way right?

No it’s not that either, there is something about posting a “prayer” that is cringe worthy and  a bit hypocritical. And it’ll usually come from the same people who post those flowery and quaint pictures with scripture on it along  the lines of “a prayer a day keeps the devil away”…(for the theists among you: that’s not how that works btw)

The interaction of posting a prayer is more likely to be a false way to either:

1: “Win” an argument with a non argument

2: Gain approval and favor from fellow believers

3: Tell people what you think is right

4: Get attention

5: Christian slacktivism

6: Showboating (self-)righteousness

I’ve noticed this at prayer meetings as wel (that was back when I used to attend those gatherings of awkwardness). Some poor girl praying her heart out telling God she was so grateful for her parents accepting her for who she is. While she was sitting right next to them. And sure that might be a little ironic it’s also absolutely beautiful, humanity showing one of it’s more humane sides.

But in a way I do feel bad for her, she was raised in a way that this was the norm. Why do we have people who feel so locked in their beliefs that they can’t just flat out say what’s on their hearts? Why did the christian culture evolve into something where prayer has become a vessel for our communications to other people when according to “our beliefs” it’s supposed to be an interaction with God exclusively?

So tell people what you want to tell them, and do it directly. Trust me if you start doing that, you might even cut down the church gossip in half.
Pray to your God, and do so privately. You’ll be less confronted with people knowing too much about you, or even taking advantage of such information.

If I may even may raise the challenge a bit higher, do it like you mean it.
Say what’s on your heart even if it’s less holy.
Don’t pretend with your God, after all, he’s supposed to know every nook and cranny of who you are.

And for the love of keeping your souls hinders out of the eternal frying pan, keep your prayers of the internet.


The silence of the sheep

Our little church fellowship was quick to adapt to the latest internet trends and implement them for their own use. That’s how we ended up with our own little private facebook group.

And the fact that it was private was great for a while, you could ask for prayer or similar things of a more personal nature that you didn’t feel comfortable sharing outside of your own church community.

That’s also how I approached church. I shared everything like it was family, some people were even surprised sometimes. Someone told me once she was impressed with how I openly shared that I had my heart broken by a girl back then (to give an example). And as much as I appreciated her positive noticing. I couldn’t help but also feel a slight disappointment.

Why was this noteworthy? Why wasn’t this commonly practiced to really share your feelings among another? It’s supposed to be a family right? But she was right, this wasn’t an everyday practice. In fact it would happen more often that I would open up about something deep during “smallgroup” like gatherings and it would lead nowhere or awkward silences. Oh don’t worry I always kept things appropriate. It’s that they just didn’t know how to deal with real conversations. Look if you’re going to encourage your church members to open up about personal feelings and experiences, don’t be surprised and stand by helplessly when they actually do come to the surface.

It’s embarrassing and hurtfull to the person opening up and it makes you look like a  jackass. It’s the equivalent to saying “fall backwards, I’ll catch you, just trust me” and then just letting the guy drop on his ass. (Yeah I’m a theist who uses semi-salty words, what about it?)

Which brings me to another instance. I once posted on before mentioned private facebook group an article about things that athiests and christians can find common ground in, and how we can improve living alongside one another.

In fact here it is=>

It’s a long read and I don’t expect you to read all of it, it kind of boils down to this=> regardless of what your views and/or beliefs are, don’t take them too serious and cut others some slack.

I’d say that’s a healthy approach to things and one that everyone should be able to find some common ground in right? If all of humanity collectively unlenched a bit once in a while about their “way”. Maybe we’d end up with less decapitations and bombings.

But apparently this is against the agenda of the average christian church pastor. Apparently posting articles like these causes you to be called aside to receive a stern talking too. He found it necessary to point out that spreading ideas like these might be bad and confusing to the newcomers.

What newcomers? And what’s confusing? Suddenly when someone visited your church they’re automatically considered to be a convert? And those so called newcomers can not be subjected to ideas that aren’t yours? What are you going to do, lock them up until they learned to interpret existence and everything in it your way?


To close:
In all seriousness, if you find in ANY way shape or form that the church you attend shows any sign of oppressiveness towards ideas that are humane, loving towards others, and open minded, leave that place. If you are like me, a searcher of truth and honesty you will be dissapointed and disillusioned sooner or later with that place so you might as wel save yourself a lot of heartache and get going. Sadly there are more power hungry pastors out there then you’d like to know. Also, if you find that some church gatherings are awkward and leave a lot to be desired, don’t go and be honest about it. And don’t let anyone shame you or talk you into going, that is a shame on them, not you. God never wants you to go to any of these meetings if they don’t feel natural to you. God never needs you to share your personal feelings, thoughts or history with anybody from “church” in order for Him to work with it. Don’t be too trusting of “churchleaders”, they have to earn your trust just like anybody else. And they can also lose it like anybody else.

God bless you on your journey through life, I hope you’ll be safe and spared from situations like these.


More blunders on social networks in the name of Christ…


I just can’t deal with this anymore…seriously?! I’m not a photoshop engineer wizard but good grief!!! Is this thing ever so obviously fake. Modern day christianity has a hard enough time beeing taken serious without stuff like this. A lot of christians are still not in on the debate between themselves and the rest of the world…if you’re a christian who likes this picture let me let you in on something.

The people who are critical of your faith….ARE SMART! Stop threating us like children please. And that goes for both people in and outside of the church. Why do you think people struggle with their faith? Why do you think people leave? …condescending things like these are not helping.

Ever heard of this one “thou shalt not bear false witness” ?

Now lets say that this was made not from a perspective of trying to make something convincing to pass it off as an actual event, but rather an artistic expression. Still this is not helping.

It feels plastic to me, it feels like you’re leaving out more then half of your story as wel.

Between this blunder and all the rainbow pictures by Thomas Kinkade I find nothing but untruthfull representations of life. Yes walking with Jesus is amazing at times, and it does express itself in almost fantasy like moments at those rare events where everything just perfectly falls into place.

But you have to be honest with yourself and the rest of the world…beeing a christian is gonna suck at times. Beeing a christian will have you cursing the day you were born at times doesn’t it? Don’t tell me you’ve never been angry at God and you feel like it’s puppies and rainbows all day every day…that is so naive and such a disservice to the magnifisence of the gospel.

I’ve found that my relationship with God gets strengthened the most in those dark days. Those days where it feels like you’re pulling glass shards from your body. Those days you wish you were dead. Am I gloryfying those days? Absolutly not, but I am saying look at how great God is that he would get us through days like these. Look at how great God is that he has entrusted us with moments like these because he gave us the strength to pull through. Such is His glory, in the weak, in the suffering, in those who are on the edge of giving up and even past it. That’s where he shines because he didn’t give up.


Yes walking with Christ has it’s walt disney moments…

but never forget that behind the scenes is a cross on a hill where the payment was made.

Motivational posters in Christianity

Yes it’s time for a rant. Gather around the fire, put a sugary marshmellow on a stick and let it roast.
Today I’m on my soapbox about motivational posters on social networks and such. These things get on my nerves as it is. But to make matters even worse is that we christians decided to get in on the action as wel. Embarassing blunders assured.
A while aggo I saw one that sort of helped spark this blog into excistence. It was a masterpiece.
A picture of a little girl whispering into another girl’s ear. Allong with the text “pssst, I’m christian and I’m proud of it”. Hold it…hold it…wait for it…did you find it yet?
It’s great that she suposidly shares her faith so boldly except that pride is one those things the bible doesn’t exactly speak highly about.
Yes I know I’m nitpicking here on one single instance, but good grief most of them are like that. If it isn’t a contradiction like that then it’s bound to be a tacky picture with some scripture out of context on it.
Or how about this one, you gotta love these. “Press like and share if you love Jesus….otherwise you’ll go to hell”. Well that’s paraphrased but I wouldn’t be suprised if theres a couple out there that say exactly that.
Now ofcourse sharing your faith is great, it’s what we do to bring the gospel to the people. It’s just how do we go about it? I for one have NEVER heard of anyone giving his or her life to Christ by seeing one of these monstrosities. Never. And we don’t seem to learn from that.

Let me put it this way. Imagine you as a child and you’re out with some family walking. You cross a railroad, your shoe gets stuck in it and wouldn’t you know it, theres a train approaching. Your father doesn’t hesitate, he jumps arcoss the rails, pushes you aside ….sadly he doesn’t make it out alive. This man sacrificed himself so that you might live.
Shocking isn’t it? And ofcourse for those of you who know the gospel I don’t need to draw the paralel to what Jesus did, it’s pretty obvious.
Now with that in mind, what would happen afterwards? You’d be deeply traumatised, it would change your life drasticly. You’d go through life feeling  bittersweetness between gratitude and sadness. This man has died for you, life wouldn’t be the same. It kills you day by day and yet knowing He did it out of love for you gives that spark of hope to carry on.
I don’t think this person who got saved would be posting fluffy butterfly pictures on facebook about it. I don’t think this person would be putting bumperstickers on his or her car about it. I don’t think this person would challenge you to share this story on facebook under the treath of beeing a coward if you didn’t.
This person would grow up with a deep story to tell every once in a while. Every now and then when a conversation is had over a coffee one on one. Then the story surfaces and it touches lives. It opens hearts, it makes tears flow. Deep genuine heartfelt gratitude.

There is no way, you can fit that on a postcard. And theres no way you’d prance that about like as if it was your favorite tv sitcom. There’s just no way.

He’s real, and sharing Him comes from a place of knowing Him.
We shouldn’t cheapen the high price He paid.